Edward Eliot

Web Standards, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other related technologies. Ed Eliot is a web development manager for Yahoo! based in London. He is particularly interested in developing sites which adhere to modern web standards. Since working at Yahoo! He has also discovered a whole new meaning to cross browser testing. Note the recently published Yahoo! Graded Browser Support document.


Cody Lindley

Cody Lindley reflects on Web development, Web standards, CSS, XHTML, CMS, site optimization, PHP, MySQL, Macromedia Flash, accessibility, information architecture, visual design, interaction design, and information design. This core content is augmented with insights from his personal life, miscellaneous topics and professional work.


Mark Boulton

This is primarily designed to be a portfolio presence for Mark Boulton, who lives near and works in the capital of Wales, Cardiff. He publishes articles related to typography, design, and information architecture.



Subtraction is the personal website of Khoi Vinh, a co-founder and, as of 31 Dec 2005, a former employee of “Behavior”:, a leading interaction design studio in New York City. He now works as the Design Director of “”: He has also been working on a project called “Shorty”: that takes ridiculously long URLs and creates short aliases.

Bauhouse Design

The Bauhouse is the digital sandbox and personal portfolio of Stephen Bau, Professional Member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada.