9 February 2007

The Book on Symphony

I finally discovered that I can have a pretty decent looking PDF file by printing directly from my website if I don’t specify my stylesheet for screen media only. After turning off all the cruft produced by the web browser for pagination, etc., I can get a layout that turns all my CSS elements into PostScript objects. The implications for the printing industry could be amazing if XML, XSLT and PDF could be combined into some sort of prepress workflow. I am sure that someone has thought of this before, or has already implemented it.

At least, that’s where I see potential in Symphony as a design industry workhorse that can accomplish everything that I need to do in my business. I think we just need more people to discover the power and flexibility of this application and its ability to organize your data and allow you to do anything you want with your data, within the confines of current web technologies.

At any rate, this is just a quick blurb to say, if you are looking for the Book on Symphony, I have produced one by printing these tutorials on Building a Symphony Theme to a series of PDF files from Safari in Mac OS X. I assembled the parts into a single document with Adobe Acrobat, and I am making it available here for download. This is an unfinished work, but for those who like a little light bathroom reading, or want to peruse the volume at their leisure while sipping on a tall mocha latte at their local coffee house, you can start to imagine your digital life orchestrated with Symphonic elegance by a single, finely crafted web application.

Download the Book on Symphony

Building a Symphony Theme A work in progress, PDF format, 2.1 Mb.