27 October 2006

Pink for October

Yes, October is running out. But while it is still October, and seeing as I haven’t made any entries for the month of October, there is still time to act. I wanted to find a theme that would be worthy of inclusion in the list of themes available for Symphony, as theme development seems to be a little slow.

There is much to learn as one becomes accustomed to all the features available in Symphony, so it is understandable that things have been slow. I have been busy porting over client sites to Symphony, so I understand that work does need to be a priority. However, this theme is for a good cause: Pink for October is a WordPress theme donated by Derek Punsalan of For more information about the Pink for October Breast Cancer Awareness project, visit Change The Statistic.

This weekend, I will attempt to port the theme to Symphony. Stay tuned as I go through the process.