18 March 2010

I Am Back

And It’s About Time

I never really left. If you were looking for me, you could always find me, usually on the Symphony CMS forum. But this site has been sadly neglected for a few years. Mostly because things have changed.

On the work side of things, I am no longer freelancing. I’m currently Lead Designer at Domain7 in Vancouver, Canada. This has given me reason to learn a few more things.

Also, my favourite web publishing system, Symphony CMS has undergone a few changes. The application has been released with an open source license and has developed a loyal and active following. Development has progressed so quickly, in some ways, that I haven’t been able to keep up with the development of my own site. Admittedly, there have been some issues with backward compatibility with previous versions of Symphony, given the extensive structural changes that have occurred in the last few years. Upgrading has not been a trivial process.

Today, I have completed the upgrade process from Symphony 1.5.06, including a workflow that centres around Git and GitHub. For anyone who might be interested in how this site was built, the code is free for all to peruse. What hasn’t been included are the images. The images are intellectual property that I legally cannot or am not willing to share.

A Warning

So, if you attempt to install my Symphony workspace and encounter errors when viewing your copy of my site, this has to do with missing images. This may be a bug that I have discovered with Symphony 2.0.7, which is still going through a bug squashing process. (I could have built this in version 2.0.6, but I like to live on the edge.)

I will be fixing things up, so the ensemble will install without issue. And I’ll provide more information about the installation process and my Git workflow. However, I wanted to get back into publishing on my site as soon as I could. Everything still needs to be updated, but I am up and running again on the latest and greatest, so I no longer have a reason to neglect my site.