3 September 2006

Font Licensing

Stop stealing sheep, as Erik Spiekermann put it. Fonts represent a significant investment of time to create them and money to license them. Yet, because they are everywhere, few recognize their value and inadvertently break the law by distributing them to others.

Keep in mind that, in most cases, fonts are not purchased, but they are licensed. That means that the licensee has been licensed the font software to be used on one or a limited number of computers. Fonts cannot be passed from one computer to another without breaking the license agreement with the owner of the software copyright. Any request to do so is a request to perform an illegal act, punishable by law. So, please show some respect to the creators of font software by refraining from the illegal distribution of fonts, and use only the ones you have purchased a license to use. If you do not want to purchase fonts, there are many available for free on the internet. But do not assume that all fonts are free to use as you like. High quality type libraries represent a significant investment.