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22 Sep 2006

Symphony: Setting a New Standard

Symphony is a web publishing system based on web standards. By using standards, you are investing in technologies that work now and will be sure to work in the future. Web development has often relied on proprietary technologies that work only with particular applications. There was a time when websites recommended that the website was best viewed with the latest version of Internet Explorer. Many more browsers are being used.

15 Sep 2006

Symphony: Then and Now

This following excerpt regarding the default templates came with the default template for the Symphony 1.5 beta, but I saw no reason to dispense with it. It helps me remember the process that the Symphony Team has gone through to arrive at this state of Symphony’s development. I consider it to be a privilege to be able to work with such a powerful and flexible application. I also owe a debt of gratitude to the Symphony Team and the Overture forum contributors for their work, tutorials, tips and suggestions, as well as for introducing me to another web standard: XSLT. For myself, it did not take very long to learn the basics.

Let’s look back at the progression of Symphony’s default templates…

3 Sep 2006

Font Licensing

Stop stealing sheep, as Erik Spiekermann put it. Fonts represent a significant investment of time to create them and money to license them. Yet, because they are everywhere, few recognize their value and inadvertently break the law by distributing them to others.

1 Sep 2006

Web Standards

To what does the term web standards refer? Since the publication of the first website in 1991, the World Wide Web has grown from a means of sharing information among the scientific community to become the primary means for operating businesses in the information age and for social interaction around the world.

Bauhouse Design

The Bauhouse is the digital sandbox and personal portfolio of Stephen Bau, Professional Member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada.

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