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Created July 2004

IDOP 2004 Website

The International Day of Prayer is an event the reminds us to pray for Christians who are being persecuted for believing that God so loved the world that he gave his only son. The inexplicable happened when God gave his son to the world in the form of baby born in an insignificant town, a mere outpost of the cruel Roman Empire, as a member of one of the most hated races in history, as a child who had nowhere but a feeding trough to begin his days on earth. Somehow, by Jesus’ suffering and death, God ripped a whole in the fabric of time, entered his creation, and changed it forever. He has ushered in an upside down kingdom by proclaiming, “Blessed are the persecuted.” The IDOP website was redesigned for the International Day of Prayer Canada, held in November 2004. The project involved creating the logo, developing the website and authoring a CD with resources for participating churches and groups. The site was built with XHTML and CSS, but also featured a Flash movie to be used as an introduction to the theme for that year: Faith on the Frontline.