Design : Web

Created December 2002

Design One Website

While I was working at Design One and before I knew how to use Flash, I had an idea to build a website for our design firm that had a splash of Flash. In an effort to convince ourselves and our clients that adherence to a process would ensure the best design solutions, I came up with a rather esoteric means of describing our design process. It went something like this:

The Conceptual Process in Four Dimensions

The four dimensions of time and space provide a visual metaphor for the design process at work. An idea is an abstract concept that has no concrete reality beyond the imagination. Design is the process of realizing an idea: bringing an idea to reality, making imagination tangible.


It starts with an idea. A point of origin. A single pixel of light. The nucleus of an idea. A spark of creativity. From a vast ocean of ideas emerges a singular vision of the future. Design starts with helping you define your needs, goals and desired results.


The first dimension: width

An idea starts to become real as it gains momentum in a particular direction. It enters the first dimension of the conceptual process, moving one step closer to reality from the world of pure abstraction. Research and information gathering add dimension to the initial idea.


The second dimension: height

Once a direction has been established for the idea, a number of different concepts can start to take shape. Through exploration and experimentation, an idea takes on added dimension. At this stage, rough concepts are developed based on the research gathered previously.


The third dimension: depth

The shape becomes the basis for a fully three-dimensional structure. Throughout production of the finished project, the different sides of a design problem and the various possible points of view are considered to ensure impact and consistency across all media and applications.


The fourth dimension: time

The idea becomes reality when it enters real time. It becomes a tangible entity that can be tested based on its ability to produce real world results: increased sales, a more cohesive corporate identity, greater brand presence, by building relationships between your business and the marketplace.