Putting Ideas into Practice

Bauhouse Design

The Bauhouse is the digital sandbox and personal portfolio of Stephen Bau, Professional Member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada.

In the world of social media, bauhouse is my screen name. You’ll find that I spend most of my time on the Symphony CMS forum and on GitHub, designing and developing with XML, XSLT, XHTML and CSS.


Since 2007, I have been working as Lead Designer at Domain7 Solutions Inc, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Bauhouse Visual Communications

I have been practicing design since 1988 and established Bauhouse Visual Communications in 1991 in homage to the influential Bauhaus schools in Germany and Chicago.

The Bauhaus

The Bauhaus has had a strong aesthetic influence on my design, though I do not have a house style. In fact, much of my design could be considered antithetical to the Modernist ideals of the Bauhaus. As a person of faith, I am both intrigued and disturbed by the high philosophical ideals of Modernism and by the notions of faith propounded in the Bauhaus manifesto of 1919.

I struggle between the sacred and the secular, the east and the west, the altruistic and the commercial, the elitist and the populist, the rare and the common, the modern and the postmodern. I am both and I am neither. Yet all of it informs my identity and my design.